Line of Business

Together with PC, programmable logic controllers (PLC) are today widely used as multipurpose control devices. Aime Technology develops advanced software for PC and PLC to perform functions related to equipment automation, processes, data, communications control, etc. for all types of production lines.

Control software (PLC)

Computer software (PC)

Development platforms

PLC software
♦ Languages: Ladder programming (Mitsubishi, Omron, Keyence, Toshiba, etc.)
PC software
♦ Languages: .NET (VB/VC#/VC++), VBA, VB6, GCC, and PICBASIC
♦ Platforms:Windows and Embedded system

Faster, better

Aime Technology’s ability to quickly understand customer needs enables us to propose the best possible solutions.

Rapidly responding to constantly changing needs

Aime Technology can quickly adapt to changes at the production site.

Promising satisfaction

Aime Technology promises the performance you need, when you need it and within the accepted budget.

User-friendly concept

Easy to understand and easy to use for anyone.